Monday, October 25, 2010

the braindead bunch

the braindead bunch
posted Tue, 23 Sep 2003 12:19:46 -0700

heres the story of a slutty lady who was doing every drunk that she could find. she was married with three children. and she had lost her mind. its the story of her cousins cousin, who was looking for some bimbos of his own. she invited him to sleep beside her, and did it all night long.
then the one day when her cousin went off drinking. and came back and kicked her front door in. and he jumped her and punched her in the womb. he said her baby wasnt his. then we rushed her to the hospital. and the doctor said its too early to go into labor now. and he stopped the baby from coming. and the cops threw her cousin into jail.
then he called her on the phone, and he begged her to drop the charges. and she did, and then he got out. and did it all again.
the braindead bunch. the braindead bunch. to this day theyre known as the braindead bunch.

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